Mouse Cat and the Cheese
by Pranav Kadiyala 2B (Madhapur)
Once there lived a mouse and a cat.

Alliy in the Dream Land
by Kush 2B

Alliy lived with her dad and mum. It was bedtime and when she slept .Suddenly she disappeared into the Dream Land. She was sleeping in the Dream Land too.Then she woke up and she said, “Where am I?” Then a fairy came to her and said, “ You are stuck in your dream but I can tell you the way out.”


A Girl in Wonderland
by Devanshi 2A

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Elena. While she was sleeping she had a dream that she was in a jungle and she was very scared. Then she heard some noise. She saw a bad witch. After a while a handsome boy came; he saw the witch and Elena.He wanted to save the girl. The witch got really


The Seven Ghosts
by Anshika 6B


Alright, first of all let’s hope I don’t die, and second of all, my name is Via. You might be wondering on why I’m freaking out right now. The short version: I saw some scary things. The long version: Well……I’ll tell you……………


Hands of Steal
by Marcela 4A

“After him!” the baker shouted furiously. Jessica immediately ran to her bike and hopped on. Mac was already in his car, and after the robber, who had the baker’s best necklace.

Jessica literally ‘flew’ through the traffic on her fast bike! Suddenly, the worst thing that could happen happened. The signal turned red. “No!” cried


How Days and Nights occurred on Planet Earth
by Akanksha 7A

A long, long time ago, in heaven the gods had created two female beings. Their names were Suma and Chama.

There was no sun or moon, so no one knew night or day.

When the gods sent the two female beings on the earth, they started to search food for survival on the earth. After, few days they were tired of searching and lay exhausted.


Death of the Dinos
by Kasvi Methi 5B

During the Iggy time period, the Supreme God and the Destruction God were talking. “I just hope no one on Earth kicks the bucket. Then I’ll have to give them the big speech,” Destruction God whined. Supreme God sighed. “That’s impossible.” he said, stamping his foot on the smooth white floor of the court.


How The World Came Into Existence
by Aryaman Tyagi 7A

A Long time ago, in space the three gods Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma had a fight regarding who will be their leader. As Shiva was the most powerful so Brahma and Vishnu got scared and they made Shiva their leader. Shiva was very proud of himself.


Keep the Music Going
By Haasini 2A

Once there was a girl named Mia. Mia loved music. One day she went to the park. In the park she heard some music. Mia was curious to know where the music was coming from. She went home at evening and told her mom what happened in the park. The next morning Mia woke up and got ready to search