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Belinda and the Weird Watch
by Reeti, Grade 6B

In the busy streets of New York, there once lived a girl called Belinda. Well, she was quite bright, she simply loved watching T.V. ,and enjoyed drawing pictures (I tell you, she’s a really good artist), but there was just one thing: she hated doing her homework and going school.


The T-rex bone
By Anant Krishnan - 5D Tellapur

Anant loves to read and write stories.

I wonder how I would explain the dinosaur bone in my bag to grandma.

It all began when we went to the British museum of natural artifacts to see the fossils there. I was putting my hand through the t-rex’s rib cage when the security startled me and the bone flew into my bag. Well the trip wasn’t all that bad it was where I met my best friend, Jax. That gave me an idea!


The Power of Kindness
by Anoushka

Author Details: My name is Anoushka and I’m studying in grade 4C of Manthan School, Tellapur. I love reading books and writing stories. I aspire to become a good author when I grow up.

    There once was a beautiful seaside with pigeons flying onto the sand. Under the sea, there were three fish living in a small hole under the gold-coloured sea bed.  


The Phone
by- Abhinav.M 6B

I just finished my homework and rushed over to the laptop,after all that's all I can do when no ones home.I watched a few videos, well until I heard a noise.....probably a howl... from the... I just don't know. As I walked down the hall,the sound grew rapidly.I followed it into the the kitchen, before the


The Old Dog
By Spurthi Challa 6A

It happened at exactly 2 pm, Sunday, on Lily's birthday, the moment she blew out the candles of her birthday cake.

Murphy was not to be blamed for what happened. He was an old dog, older than Lily. Lily's older sister, Christina, who had had her birthday in February, could still remember Murphy as a puppy. The little dog was unwanted, a mixed breed stray, born with a limp, a torn right ear, and was the last of the litter.


The Fox And The Slug
By Sriram Grade 4C

About the Author:
My name is Sriram and I’m studying in Grade 4C of Manthan School, Tellapur. I love reading stories, especially those of Harry Potter. My hobby is playing baseball. I aspire to become a good children’s author or a proficient baseball player.

Once upon a time in a forest, there lived a fox and a slug. The fox always lost in running. He wanted to win at least once. So he thought that he will challenge the slug, as that would make him feel better. He went to the slug and questioned, “Hey, do you want to race with me?”