Foolish Darcy
Written By: Anshul Arora - 5A

It was a bright and sunny day in Ilfea School. All the fairies were very excited about going to the kingdom of Gilland. They were packing their bags for the celebration and having fun as it was the 100th anniversary of their school.

Bloom and Stella were shopping in the enchanting streets of Ilfea, for picking the outfit for the special occasion. While Stella got her dress, Bloom didn’t. After a long time, Bloom got the perfect outfit. Next, they went back to their school to pack up their bags.


The Secret of the Two Friends
by: Sai Bhadange: 4C

Author Introduction:
My name is Sai Bhadange. I am studying in 4C. My hobbies are reading and dancing. I love to play kabaddi. When I grow up, I want to become an author.

Have you ever had a secret between you and your friend? Well, these friends have a very, very big secret! Come on, I’ll tell you!

In the countryside of Denmark played two girls, Shasha and Eashitha. They were best friends and were of the same age too! Shasha was a little shy but Eashitha


The Magical World
by: Bhavin: 4C

Author Introduction:
My name is Bhavin. I am 8 years old. I have a small brother. I was born in Hyderabad, 2nd September, 2006.I love to draw and paint. My favourite pastime is reading lot of books and visiting places.

“Oh man! I’m not able to sleep this night,” cried a nine year old boy, wearing blue trousers and red T-shirt, with short hair. His name was Tom. He thought, “Let’s


The Magical Gem

Authors details:
I like drawing, playing with friends and dancing.

There once was a beautiful place called Nept on Neptune. In the ancient times flowers growing on Neptune even glowed.

In Nept there were two best friends - Nell and Nill. Nell was twelve years old boy, brave, and handsome and he liked Nill. Nill was a twelve year old girl who was courageous, pretty and she liked Nell.


The Lost Wife

Author - Varun(8 years old, not sure which section)

In the golden forest, at the edge, lived a witch and a wizard. Their names were Lily and Roseort.

One day, Lily was doing an experiment. She was working on it. Suddenly "Lily, dinner's ready!" Lily messed up in the experiment and that spell she was creating, sent her to the golden forest.

Roseort went upstairs and saw, she was missing. He searched for her


The Imaginary Castle

About the Author:
Name: Sanvi
Class: 4
Section: C
Hobbies: Reading books, playing games and watching T.V.

Do you ever know what it feels like to discover a castle behind a cave? Well, now you will know.
One day in the Dark Forest, Julie and Jake saw a mysterious castle behind a cave. The castle was as beautiful as a red rose. They went inside and met the king and queen of that kingdom.

Julie and Jake asked if they could stay. The king and queen agreed to do it. Julie and Jake were so happy to be there. When they entered the castle with the