A Murder at Midnight
by Rishi Mukherjee - 6A

CharlesWilliams had just come home from his peaceful evening walk. These had been common since the letter. You see, Sir Charles suffered from high blood pressure. These walks had helped him take his mind off of all this.

As Sir Charles strolled into the safety of his mansion, the crooked castle, he couldn’t help but think about the letter. “GIVE THE MONEY OR ELSE…” The problem was, the British Businessman did not have any clue concerning “the money”, or else he would have given it. The gangs around the area were notorious for murder. As he came in, he was greeted by his newly hired hunch-back maid servant, Mrs. Wallace. Unknown to Sir Charles, Mrs. Wallace concealed a knife.


Refrigerator Hands
by Shreyas Sarangi - 8A

Policeman Jake McDonnell was one of the best. He had, till today, never failed to be punctual, and he was an extremely renowned officer who had caught hundreds of criminals over 6 years. He had only failed once in his entire career: today, since he had woken up late (to his shame) and arrived 10 minutes late for the job. Even this minor detail stung him.


Fairy Land
by Nishika 4B

“Stop tickling me! Please,” Crumpet said laughing non-stop. “Okay!” shouted Bella, at least stopping now. They were fairies in Fairyland. Their best fairy friends were Micheal and Harry.


How did Zebras get Black and White Stripes?
by Sameera 5A

Long, long time ago, there were plain black zebra’s in the village of Caimania, Africa. The people in the village were surprised why all zebra’s are were plain black and why don’t they have spots or stripe’s like other animals “why don’t zebras have black and white stripes” frowned a villager. The villagers didn’t like the zebra’s.


The Devil’s Revenge
by Akshaj Tammewar 7A

Once a boy named Francesco Capone had an arch nemesis named Lucifer when he was a kid. When Capone was a small innocent child Lucifer would torture Capone and would give him nightmares that still gets to this day. Capone always wanted to tell his parents about Lucifer but he couldn’t, his parents were murdered when he was small. Capone lived by himself and would shed tears by himself.


The Fairy Party
By Meghana 4A

Yahoo!! It was a holiday. “We can go outside.” Clowi was a girl who loved adventure. Her mother thought that she could go by herself to the fair.

Her mother gave some money and, “Here we go,” said Clowi. Her father dropped her at the fair. She saw lots of fun rides, indoors and outdoors games,


The Golden Touch
by Pratham 3A

Once upon a time, in a village, there was a greedy King named Jack. He was the owner of a big castle and he had two sons. One day, when Jack was roaming around in his garden, he found a fairy trapped in a net. He quickly released the fairy. The fairy said, “Thank you so much for setting me free! Ask for one wish. I will give you almost anything.”


The House Next Door
by Mahathi 6A


Hey there. My name is Stacey. Stacey McCarthy. I have to tell you something quickly, because in twenty-four hours I will most probably be dead.


The Magical Scooter
by Anuruddha 4B

Zap! “AAAAH!” I screamed. This was quite terrifying.

Okay, I’m at a weird place now. I’ll tell you how I got here. I’m wondering what will happen next, but first let me tell what happened.