The Secret Valley

Author’s Details:
Rida Masood is studying in Grade 4C ,Manthan School, Tellapur. Her hobbies include singing, dancing and painting. She wants to become a doctor ( a pediatrician)when she grows up.

     The phone rang “Tringg”.Liana’s mother responded, “May I know who is calling?” “ Your child Liana is invited to the school ‘Finlayn’.This school is  full of sports and there is a special game named ‘Alley Shot’, said the Headmaster of the school, on the other end of the line.


Villa no. D-502
by Auric Mitra - 7

It was a cloudy day and I, Auric Mitra, was going out to my retail store for some groceries, and the Heffely family was just moving into Villa no. D-502,, which is right opposite my one, but I did not understand one thing which is whenever someday shifts into that villa, after one or two months the light are off, the car is not used so we a get a tower to lift that car, they don’t come out and they used to keep their door unlocked, and all those sorts of things.


Wit Pays

Author Description:
Name: Pradyumna.N.Holla
Class: 5-C
School: Our school - Manthan International School, Tellapur (Of course)
Characteristics- Humorous/witty, smart and kind (All according to me, I don’t really know whether others think the same about me)
Hobbies- Cycling, reading, drawing/sketching and, of course, playing video games

Long ago, in the Amazon Jungle, there lived many animals, like today. They had no king or leader, but still they had very few troubles. In this jungle, there was a turtle named Tim. He had many friends, but his best friends were Bob, the bear and Chunky, the monkey. Once, Chunky took part in an incidental event, in which he was the main character. Let us see what that event was.


The Precious Diamond

Author’s details:
Sanvi Chitturi is from Grade 4C, Manthan School, Tellapur. Her favourite  pastime is reading books.                         

     There were two children, named Lilly and Jack. They lived in a house with their parents. At their home, they were playing with their new, exciting video game which their parents bought for them last week, until……

     They heard a weird noise. Lilly and Jack thought that the mysterious sound was coming from the attic, but when they reached there, they found out that it was not coming from the attic. They noticed that it was coming from outside, through the window.


The Permirtz

Author Details: I am Mahimna from 4D. I enjoy writing stories and sports.

     It was a hot day in Mellowbrook, and the two brother scientists, the short red-haired 25 year old Rick, and the tall green-haired 26 year old Mike were getting bored.

    "I'm getting bored, what should we do? Should we make something?" suggested Rick. "I don't know....I guess we could make something.." Stuttered Mike. "Hey? Why are you stuttering?"asked Rick.


The Mysterious Mountain

Author’s Details:
Ananthkrishnan studies in Grade 4D of Manthan School, Tellapur. His favorite pastime is playing cricket while his hobbies include reading books and cycling.

     Two boys, named Frank and Joe, lived in a village with a leader, whose name was Kai. He was a benevolent leader and also a staunch devotee of their God.The village was safe under the leader’s protection.
     The next day, leader Kai was delivering a speech to the villagers. Suddenly, he fell down and fainted in the middle of his speech. Everybody started panicking, “Oh no! Leader Kai! What happened to him?”