Wake Up, Girls!

By Mahathi Kattamuri Grade 5

Hey girls! Who said we shouldn’t play sports like boys? We were not created just
to sit out on all sports and play on the slides! We also need the exercise. We need to
participate in sports more!
Many women have won gold medals in the Olympics. We can aim high, too! We can
start by participating in sports such as basketball, throw ball, soccer, and volleyball.
Serena Williams, once a young girl, won the women’s final in Wimbledon. There are
many more examples of great sports women, while some girls are afraid of catching
balls because they think their hands will fall off.
Come on, girls! Let’s all start playing sports! We hope we’ll see more participation
from girls now!

The Ghost's Treasure

By, Shreya Challa - Class 4

Chapter 1 - The Legend

Veena Rowning, stared at the dock. She had never wanted to go on the pirate ship cruise. She didn't remember the name of the ship. At the local mall, there had been a lucky draw. Whoever would win would go on a cruise. Mom had won the lucky draw, and she bought Veena along. At first, Veena had thought it was a luxury cruise, but when she saw the ship, she didn't think so. Only 9 people could go on the cruise and she was one of them.


Jimmy Learns a Lesson

By - Marcela - 2b

This story starts in a school where a boy named Jimmy is studying. Jimmy was a mean and
selfish boy. None of his classmates liked him or played with him. Jimmy was a complete show-
off and his classmates tried their best to ignore him.


How Constellations Were Formed?

By - Mahathi Kattamuri - Grade 5

A long, long time ago, when your great-grandfather’s grandfather wasn’t born yet, the earth
was full of forests. Very few people moved around. Among these people was an elderly saint.
Although he was very wise, he had always wanted to touch a star. It was always a subject of
great interest to the old man. Throughout his pious life, he had been drawing millions and
millions of drawings of stars, and now, he was dying.



By Marcus Fernandez Grade 6

Chapter 1
The Dreams

Hal was pushed into a large chamber. He could tell that it was night but the chamber had an eerie glow. Mysterious bony hands shoved him inside. He dropped on his knees, as he heard a loud crunch - the crunch of bones, not his bones. He looked… down and saw a blanket of skeletons. “Hal can you hear me?” a voice pleaded. Hal bent forward and saw his best friend Tom. Tom’s image faded and was replaced by that of a dark figure.


The Cupcakes

By: Ankitha 3A

One day Lily and her brother were sitting at the table because it was raining so they couldn’t play outside. So Lily asked her mom, “Can we make cupcakes?” Her mom said, “Okay, but only a few.”

Her mom made delicious pink cupcakes with a bright red cherry on top. It was so yummy that Lily ate all of them. Her brother couldn’t even have one!