Against Good in the Future

“Tails,” shouted Amogh as he flipped the 1 rupee coin into the air.

“It’s heads, I win!” exclaimed Krishna. “I get to choose the top bunk.”


Catch That Crook!!

Jake was two years older than his sister, Daisy. Jake was ten and Daisy was 8. They lived with their Dad in ‘Blue Sky‘ APARTMENTS & RESORTS. It was the best, most rich apartment & resort in the world! Jake’s Dad was somewhat rich and had the money to buy flat no. 10. Jake was tall for his age, with blonde hair and blue eyes. His sister however was


Close Call

The day was going fine, until the Nazis rolled into the neighborhood. Peter was packing his trunk, as his parents said that he was going to a “safe” place.

His dad was sitting on a chair, with his gun in one hand, and a goblet of wine in the other. He always carried that gun, no matter where he


4000 B.C.…

“Hey, Sam what is the next river valley civilization we need to explore?” questioned Kaya. “What else do we have left? China, Indus and Egypt are done. So that leaves us Mesopotamia” responded Sam.


Deadly Alzor

Long time ago there were 4 colleagues who lived near the coasts of Melbourne their names were Max, Ben, Laura and John .Ben was short with black hair ,Max was tall and had blonde hair ,Laura was slim with green eyes and John was tall with brown eyes. All of them used to


The Battle of Space and Time


My name is Jay and I am going to tell you the story of my life. My story is about my partner and me helping another species of a beast, “The Dark Prince”. He is the being responsible for all universal balance. It all started in the year of 2213, when I first set foot in Techno city.


Going to 2066

‘Hey Casey’, Daniel said on the phone.

‘Hullo Dan, the crazy man.’ Casey rhymed.

“SHUT UP! You have very bad rhyming skills!’

‘Okay, okay! Why’d you call?’



I am looking so dumb and Halloween is only three days after. I don’t even have a costume, what in the world can I do? Everybody in the class has one, even Gabe. Gabe had been my best friend since two years. I know my mother wouldn’t buy me a costume. She thinks I am too old to go trick or treating. That’s why I hate her so much.


Jake and the Silver Star

Once, there was a boy named Jake. He lived with his mother. Jake was a 17 years old and had neat hair. Jake was a cricket player. He wore a red T-shirt with jeans pants. His father was a soldier and worked in Indian Army. Unfortunately he died in a war when Jake was just 4