Ella’s Misadventure
by Rishita Chourey - 6

“Ugghhh...”Ella yelled raucously in disgust, as she picked her beloved fountain pen from the malodorous cow dung. She hastily gathered all her tissues together to clean her filthy pen. It was Ella’s zoology assessment in 55 minutes time and EVERYTHING was going wrong. She waited exceedingly long, and tolerantly, for her mother, before surreptitiously climbing in the boot of the car and dozing off. Shortly, her mum arrived; Mum jumped into the ‘new’ Mitsubishi Lancer and swiftly but cautiously drove off...


The Real Gods
by Aryika - 5

There was a small, poor couple of the village Panipat in Eastern India. A hardworking father cycled over 10 miles to the city daily to earn money. A folksy mother taught the children of the village folk dance. The parents worked very hard for the money. ”Can my parents ever play with me?” This question was constantly in their grungy son Rahul’s mind. His parents never played with him. He hated dancing but all of his friends loved to dance and went to folk dance classes. He was also bored with his food; aloo paratha and curd rice every day. Day by day Rahul became too fractious with these events. At last, on one day he totally lost his head. He decided to write to god about his feelings.


Coman’s First Trade
By Vevila Bollarapu - 4

Chapter 1: Who are you?

Coman was born in Egypt. He loved trading. When he was small he used to play these exciting games with his parents: grabbing his mother’s silk dress and trading it with fish for his dinner, and taking his father’s eye paint and trading it for a few Deben’s. (Egyptian money)


The Secret-Revealing Puzzle!
by Lahari - Grade 5

Chapter 1 - I’m Moving!

“Taylor Dear! Once you finish packing your suitcase please come down and help me!” My mom’s voice came floating up the stairs to my room. “Okay mom! I’ll be there in a minute!” I hollered. I sighed and started packing my suitcase. We were moving. I still remembered that day, one month ago, when I woke up listening to the soft voice of my mother lilted, “Taylor. Taylor! Wake up! I have something very important to tell you! We are moving to a house in the countryside. It has been in our family for generations.”


by Suhas Kellampalli

Chapter 1 : The Delightful Dream

There he was, world renowned cricketer Kevin Shivle, batting for England in the finals of the ICC World Cup. It was the last ball and six runs to win. The crowd roared as loud as an outraged lion as the fast bowler, bowled. Kevin felt as though the bowler was running slower than a snail. The bowler reached the crease and let go of the ball, and as it zoomed through the pitch like a cheetah at top speeds, the crowd was hushed to the extent that you could hear a pin drop from anywhere in the stadium. Kevin’s bat was just about to connect with the ball, when, suddenly, what felt like a whole bucket of water splattered onto his face.


The Apple Tree
By Sindu - 3A

There lived a woman. She loved apples more than anything. The owner of the house planted an apple tree. It grew.

One day, the woman went to the apple tree and stole a few apples. The owner went to her and said,” How dare you steal apples!” “Sorry, sir, I won’t do it again,” cried the woman. The woman was planning a way to get more apples. After some time she got an idea. The idea was to plant an apple tree and call it her own.

The owner saw the tree and he was shocked. “Is it yours?” he asked her. “Yes,” said the woman. “I’m very sorry for shouting at you,” said the owner. The woman left smiling…


The Flood
by Shravya Gowda - Grade 4

Chapter 1 : At Home

A long time ago there was a girl named Indu. She lived in Mohenjo-Daro. She was very polite to everyone. Indu woke up from her mat on the floor. She whispered “What a sunny day.” Indu went to the well to drink some water. Her mother saw Indu and said, “Indu, you woke up so early, dear.” “Mom,” said Indu, “it’s a sunny day, so I decided to go to the great bath.” “OK, you can go,” consented Indu’s mother, Arya. She wore a necklace and a frock made of green cotton cloth. “Bye Mom!” said Indu. She wore a pink frock and a bracelet with a Lapis-lazuli stone necklace and left.


The Haunted Forest
by Srinath - 3B

In a thick purple forest, birds were chirping and animals were howling. Two woodcutters were cutting down a tree. Suddenly, it became dark because of dark clouds and winds were brewing. They heard the loud cries of animals. One of the woodcutters was afraid. His body was shivering in fear. The other woodcutter said, “ Don’t be afraid, if any of the animals come near us we will climb the tree and make loud noises. The animals will be frightened and they will run away.” They quietly kept the wood in a sack and climbed the nearest tree.


The Mystery of the Phantom Train
by Rishi - 3B

The passengers were grumpy and heavy - eyed as they boarded the train in Salisburry during the early morning of August 27, 1891. The train was headed to Ashville, and the riders settled into their seats and tried to catch a few minutes of sleep.