Dialogue with Ms. Ritu: our lovely Librarian and Dance teacher

What is your idea of fun?
A: According to me, fun is -dance.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
A: It would have to be India because I feel that other countries have no emotions. India is a vibrant one and I would like to live only here.

Why do you enjoy dancing?
A: Dance is the one thing that directly comes from the heart. It’s in my blood and I feel happy when I dance. It’s as if I live and breathe dance.

We’ve heard that you are an ardent admirer of ShahRukh Khan’s…?
A: Oh, yes, I am. Since my childhood I have been watching him and I think that he is perfect at his job.

Besides teaching dance, what job would you pick?
A: I would be an interior designer, because I have so many ideas about designing and decorating. I believe that my talents would be put to good use if I go into event planning.


In Conversation with Resource Support: Mr. Zakir

Ever since your childhood what did you aspire to become?
Response: I wanted be an accountant.

You seem to be busy with printing the content material (workbooks). Tell us about your job?
Response: My job is pretty easy as it is only to hand over printed material to the respective team member.

Whom did you look up to as a child?
Response: I didn't have a role model at that time.

If you had a chance to go anywhere and do anything then where would it be, or what would it be?
Response: Charminar fascinates   me as it is our national heritage   and  the Begumpet market for its variety.

Down the line what is your aim?
Response: I would like to complete my MBA.

Thank you

By -Soumya & Suhas