A While with Alen Sir: Our Activity In charge & Music Teacher

Lahari: You have been a part of Manthan for six years. Share your experiences with our students.
Sir: I cherish each and every moment spent in Manthan. I’ve enjoyed teaching and leading all of the students in my Clubs and classes.  

Mahathi: You seem to have mastered playing many musical instruments, which one do you enjoy playing the most?
Sir: Well, I love keyboard the most, however, my second preference is guitar.

Lahari: Tell us about your musical journey…
Sir: My unabated passion for music is evident to all. I have invested 18 longs years into music, and believe me, I have enjoyed every moment of it. Music has always been my passion, inspiration and my journey still continues to fathom the unfathomable depth of various musical forms.

Mahathi: You have encouraged and motivated us into music. Who inspired you?
Sir: My music teacher is the one who inspired me. I used to love music classes in school because of him.

Lahari: On a personal note, tells us what you enjoy in music?
Sir: I love singing high pitch songs, especially Pop music.

Lahari: What else do you like besides music?
Sir: Cricket. Chris Gayle is my favorite cricket player.

Mahathi: If you had a chance to live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Sir: I love Hyderabad, but if I could go anywhere, I would like to go to Italy.

Lahari: Would you like to give any message to our students?
Alen Sir: ‘Music is an essence of order and lends to all that is good and just and beautiful’ acclaimed Plato and I concur with his view.Hence, I would want to  encourage children to love music.

Lahari & Mahathi: Thank you for time. Have a good day!

Interviewers: Lahari and Mahathi - Grade 8th

In conversation with Neha ma’am: our chemistry teacher

Soumya: This is your first year in Manthan, how are your experiences so far?
Neha M:  Wonderful so far. This is my first job and the kind of interaction with the teachers, management in fact everyone and their cooperation were enjoyable.

Valli: What made you take a path in the chemistry field?
Ma’am: I took up chemistry as a challenge to my professor I had in high school. He never had faith that I would pass his subject and told my mother that he guaranteed I would not do well in chemistry. But then after 12th I took various science fields with chemistry thinking that I will give it a try. When the exam results came out I stood 3rd in chemistry in the whole university. I proved my professor wrong and am finally teaching the subject I hadn’t been confident in.

Soumya: That’s great! What did you want to become when you were young and why?
Ma’am: I always had an interest in biology and that’s why I had always wanted to become a scientist or a doctor.

Soumya: Amazing! What makes you relaxed if you are too tired at school or at home?
Ma’am:  If I am at school then I try talking to other teachers and do something fun but if I am at my house then I prefer listening to music.

Valli:  What are your hobbies?
Ma’am:  I really like listening to music, dancing and reading mythological and spiritual book.

Interviewed by
Valli 9A & Soumya 8A.