Beulah ma’am : Manthan’s Admission Counselor & Parent Coordinator

Q. Since when have you been working in Manthan?
A. I am associated with Manthan since October 14, 2009.

Q. How was your experience working with Manthan?
A. Well, Manthan has always been a fantastic place to work. Each day with Manthan is a learning experience which makes you grow as a person.

Q. What is your work profile at Manthan?
A. I work as a Parent Coordinator and Employee Relations Manager.

Q. According to you what differentiates Manthan from other institutes.
A. I appreciate its friendly and sensitive work environment.

Q. What brings you peace in your leisure time?
A. I find peace in listening music and spending time with my children.

Q. A book that touched your heart
A. The Bible

Q. Your most cherished moments.
A. With my daughters sharing their experiences and achievements.

by Jaahnavi and Ananya


Knowing Our Teacher Mrs. Vani Blusu

Q. How would you describe yourself in two words or a phrase?
A. ‘Fun’ and ‘loving’

Q. Number of years spent at Manthan?
A. I have spent four exciting years at Manthan.

Q. Which book touches your heart the most?
A. I am always fascinated by the works of Munshi Premchand. My pick would be his thought provoking book Gaban.

Q. What food tantalizes your taste buds?
A. The food that tantalizes my taste buds is: Rasam, Custard and samosas.

Q. What makes Manthan special from other schools?
A. Manthan’s teaching methodology is ‘child centric’ which differentiates it from others.

by Nikil and Sai Praneeth - 7A