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Stones for the Ages - An article on Paleolithic Man
by- Rishi, Grade 6C

The Originations of the ‘Stone Age’

Stone Age was the earliest known period of human culture, and was characterized by the usage of stone tools. The term ‘Stone age’ was coined in the late 19th century by the Danish scholar Christian J Thomson. It is also known as the ‘Three age system’ as it mainly consisted of three ages : Paleolithic Age, Mesolithic Age and the Neolithic Age.


What is the occupational distribution and effect of education on a developed country?
by: Rishita, Grade 10A
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If a less-developed country is classified as a developed country, then the occupational distribution would be in such a way that more workers would be concentrated towards the tertiary or service sector. The reason behind this is that: during development, all sectors of the economy expand. However, it is the tertiary sector that helps expand all the other sectors. Agriculture, transportation all require services to grow and hence with the development of the tertiary sector comes development of others. Good growth prospects and working conditions are also provided. As explained, earlier, the


Conservation of Resources

by: Vikrant.V - grade 10 B
About the Author: I'm Vikrant from 10B. I enjoy listening to music and sports

Life has been sustained on this planet for more than a million years, including the adaptations and modification of thousands of other species. Out of which the most supposedly evolved organism is us-the humans-who despite being the most intellectually developed beings have been destroying habitats of their own kind, as well as, the habitats of other animals eventually leading to extinction. Their materialistic greed has caused enough damage, and one of the most obvious results of these activities is global warming. Global warming is the gradual variation of temperature to extreme high conditions,  attributed by CFC's, Carbon Dioxide and other pollutants.