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Chemistry in 99 Seconds
By- Kritman, Pranavesh and Kavya - Grade 8A
Author Introduction: Well, as you may have understood by now they are stung by science bug!! ;)

There once was a little atom,
destined to form a bond.
His electrons were taken by goldemort,
who gave him a positive charge.

Atom goes to table,
he meets eighteen other groups there,
and then he decides that he belongs in group 1.
Noble gasses are stable,
in the Periodic Table.
Alkali metals react aggressively.

Down the groups,
outer shells increases,
more radioactivity.
Unstable nuclei inside
the massive lower periods.

Elements contain particles,
of the subatomic size.
Neutrons, protons, and electrons
make up the inside.
These elements form compounds,
and they have to be balanced,
it's very complicated,
I don't really get it either.


About the Author: This information bite is by Sonal Nagesh of 6C. Governed by a curious mind, she loves to read and explore scientific facts

Constellations are a group of stars in the night sky which make images of humans and animals. Each constellation is given a name after some animals and mythological creatures. They are viewed before sunrise and after sunset. Here are some famous constellations.

Ursa Major – Great bear or Saptarishi Mandal

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