sparsh edition Feb 2017


About Author: Hello! I am Nandini and I study in grade 3D. My hobbies are dancing, singing, drama, reading books, drawing and colouring.



The Waterfalls
Name: Mahith - 1C
Illustration: there is a drawing, however it’s very messy( might not be very clear post scanning)

The waterfall is a loud speaker.
It is very noisy.

The waterfall is like a heavy rain.
It comes from up to down like a rain.

He is a boxer
He fights with rocks.

He gets stronger and stronger
And finally becomes a champion.

The Sun
By: Vikhyaath - 1C
Manthan School

The Sun is a bright tube light
It gives us light

The Sun is a smiley face
It looks like a big ball
It makes me happy

The Sun is a sunflower
He is yellow in colour
He looks round
He smells good

The Cool Waterfall
Author: Shini- 1C
Illustrated by: Suhas, 9A



by Meera

The sun is a big yellow bright balloon.
It gives us light.
It is bright in the sky.

The sun is a big smiley face.

It makes me happy.
I love it!

She is kind.
She is helpful.
The sun makes me joyful.

About the Author:
Name: Neha - 3B
School: Manthan International School
Favorite hobby: Roller Skating
Favorite Foods: Grapes, Apples, and Chicken

Illustrated By: Suhas,9A

Oh, spring is blooming!
The trees and flowers are growing back,