The Sun Simile
by Sahithi Akkineni 4A

The Sun is as bright as a light bulb,
It is as round as a ball,
The Sun is as yellow as a canary,
‘Tis as beautiful as a dandelion.

A Monster Poem
by Abhay 4A

Monsters have eyes as red as lava
Monsters claws are like knives
Monsters are as fierce as ten lions,
And its teeth are like razor sharp swords
Monsters’ skin is as green as poison ivy
Monsters’ horns are as sharp as daggers,
And monsters are as spooky as vampires

Changes of Matter
by Mahathi 7A

One fine day, I woke up and saw
That I had become an example of the particle law!

I was slowly changing, bit by bit
Into a gooey liquid, and I must admit

I felt warmer, and hotter, just as though
My particles were moving to and fro!

I panicked, and wondered what to do
And then I remembered what I had to get through

If my particles were moving here and there
Cooling them a bit should do the job fair and square.

Into the fridge was the only way out
That should have fixed me up, no doubt.

I sighed as I felt my particles clump together
My body really needed this very cold weather.

I was back to normal, safe and sound,
Thanks to science class, I’ll come around!

There it goes...

There it goes!
Alone in the island,
flitting here and there
like a dainty butterfly.

There it goes!
Alone in the island,
Radiant and pale
heading towards crumbly end.

There it goes!
To a forsaken land,
mumbling thankful notes,
for the coarser pleasures of its journey