Ten things found in Santa's Bag
by Arvind 7A

A pink Teddy with a lion's head
A damaged pogo stick
A Lamborghini Gallado remote control car that does not go forward
A miniature skiing man that doesn't have any batteries
A fake light saber that produces no light
A magic wand that does no magic


Poem on Senses
by Meesha 4

My mother says our eyes are a prize!
We have a knobbly nose.
Wow! I can smell fragrant roses!
We have two ears.
Whoopee! I can hear someone doing cheers!
We have a mouth!
When I laugh, I face towards the South!
I have a pinky, peachy skin
Which protects me like my Kin!

Little Weather Feather
by Navya 2B

Little Weather Feather,
When you cry I will go to the river side.
But they will put you into jail,
But you will have a pail to mail.
What about the man with the pan?
Well, he will go to the zoo,
And I’m going to the zoo too.


If I had a Magic Wand
by Purvi Reddy 5A

If I had a magic wand I would grow tall, as tall as a tree to see if the clouds were made out of candy floss.

If I had a magic wand I’d become small, as small as a bee and see if pollen was actually pollen or just talc powder.


by Siddharth

There was once a lad named Tim
Whose Dad never taught him swim
He went to the docks
And sank like a rock
And that was the end of Tim.

Poem on a little Kid
by Simir IVB

I went to buy a shoe
But found the loo,
I went to get a gum
But I had some fun,
I went to break a pen
But I met Ken,


The Fish
by Varun 2B

I saw a fish
It was rich
The fish I saw,
That was the law
I was sad,
So it was bad

by Srishti 2B

Pooris are yummy.
Pooris are not spicy.
Eat me, eat me you little baby.
I will be tasty, but I will make you sleepy.
I am eaten with curry.
Most people like pooris.

A Butterfly
by Brinda 2C

I see a butterfly
It is going very high