Author Introduction: Hi, I am Akshara 3C. I like to write poems and make friends.

Yellow reminds me of the leaves of autumn,
Yellow tastes like a juicy mango,
Yellow smells like fresh marigolds,
Yellow feels soft and warm,
Yellow looks like the bright sun,
Yellow sounds like a bird chirping,
Yellow makes me feel energetic.
I love the colour Yellow!


Author Introduction
I am Tanusha from Manthan, Madhapur Campus. I am from grade 3B and when I grow up I would want to become a tennis player and win many trophies or I would want to become a scientist.

White is the most beautiful color for me,
That is really gorgeous to see,
It sounds like snowflakes gently falling on the ground,


by VIVAAN - Grade 3

Blue is the colour of the gentle sky.
Blue tastes like the salty sea,
Blue smells like a fresh cut blueberry,
Blue sounds like a screeching whale,
Blue feels like a silky cloth,
Blue looks like two good friends playing,
Blue makes me give my best,
Blue is my favourite colour!

Vampire Goes For A Campfire
Poet Introduction
My name is Tarun. I am in class 2B. I study in the Madhapur campus of Manthan School. I love to make friends.
Vampire, Vampire, come here.
We will go for a campfire.
I will light your pants on electric fire
if you do not come to the campfire.
Can you hear with your ear?


The Two Robots
by: Naga Rishith – 2A

A robot is blue.
It can give a clue.
And it can’t grow.
The second robot is yellow,
It likes soft pillows
It’s not frightened of anything,
And it can write and sing.

The Mouse

By- Harshitha
Madhapur - Class 2C

There is a mouse in my house.
The mouse is locked and blocked,
But it is behind the door,
And on the floor,
So that is why I’m scared and flared!
My mom hits and beats,
But still the mouse is on the seats.