Ten Things Found in a Soldier's Pocket

Vineel Repaka, Class 7

A ton of C4
Two remote triggers
A picture of a big family
A grenade
A map
Three magazines
A gun
A wire-cutter
An engagement ring
A letter

Ten Things Found in a Scientist's Pocket

Rayid Ali, Class 7

A formula written on a paper
A test tube
A pen
Albert Einstein’s photo
An address book
A wallet with money
A small boy’s photo
A scribbling pad
A glass lens
A specimen

Longing for Peace

By Jemima

Calm are the waters,
Calm are the trees,
Calm is the wind that flutters by,
But my heart begs to differ..


The Gulmohar Fancy

By - Priya Saxena

The Gulmohar blossoms
still fascinate my senses,
as they used to in my childish days.



By: Vevila- Class 4

Metal, Silver
Working, Moving, Shining
Scary, Electric, Fun, Help
Good, Brainy


By: Dhwani - Class 4

Friendship never breaks.
Friends never leave each other.
Friends stay together.
Friendship is a dream comes true.
Friendship is a form of love.

What to do when you are rich?

By: Siddarth- Class 4

What to do when you are rich:

Be kind
A gentleman
Accept invitations
Look Handsome
Drink coffee.


By: Shrinidhi- Class 3A

My favourite colour is very dark.
It tastes like...burnt paneer and fried mushrooms
And smells like...burning fire and my silky hair
Sounds...lead breaking sound and neighbour’s cat
Feels...like the soft thing on my head rustling in the wind and totally dark very scary.
So, black is my favourite colour.


By: Nishika 3B

Pink is the colour of sweets.
It smells like pink roses and smells sweet. It tastes like yummy candy and fruity strawberry. It also sounds, flapping butterflies, pleasant sounds.
Pink feels….. Smooth, a beautiful smile, looks like flowers and my favorite bed. It makes me a happy girl and you proud.
Pink is my favourite colour!