Making a Snowman on a Hot Summer Day

I will get my freezer to the North Pole and put snow it, then I will go back to my house and make a snowman with it. When it will get cold outside, I will take my snowman and play with him and when it gets hot outside I will take him inside and when my freezer is not working


A copper Iron

Someone gave me a copper iron
I liked it a bit,
And I knew it was brand new
Oh fiddle! It pierced my nose in the middle
I didn’t it was sharp
And it pierced my toe, and neck, it scratched
& he was funny



I like nature
Because there is sun
There is a lot of fun.
Nature can be really seen
I like the color green
Nature makes me happy,


My Favorite Weather

My favorite weather is summer.
There is one sun,
and I am having fun.
It is sunny,


The flower

Do you know that the flower is there?
And also a gee in the sea
A flower bumping on my knee
Oh my!


Miss Harm

Miss harm hid a vest and it is the best
Miss Harm gave a flower to her very dear
Miss Harm thinks
That I have to go to the bathroom to
Clean the sink



The weather in spring
is the best.
It is so relaxing and
We can take rest.
There are mostly flowers.
It isn’t like summer.



There is a boy named Jinter.
He loves winter,
He loves snow,
His garden needs no mow.
He loves to make a snowman,


Mr. Farm

I went to Mr. Farm’s house,
When I went there, I saw a mouse
Well what do you know?
It’s nibbling on my toe
There was harm


Mr. Duck and Mrs. Kangaroo

Mr. Duck won the race because he had luck
Mrs. Kangaroo hoped
But Mr. Duck said stop
Mr. Duck said can I sit on your back
I would be quiet but I would quack.

Author Details
My name is Kush 2B. I like to play and swim.