Bright Moon
by Harshada - 3B

Oh! Thank you oh! Moon
For giving us light such time
Thank you very much!

by Trina Tanuj - 5A

Today is Christmas Eve! Hooray!
That is all I have to say,
With Santa coming to my house,
Everyone is scurrying home like a mouse.


by Dhwani Nair - 5A

I am water which condensed,
I am like cotton that has softened,
I fly in sky up high,
I give shelter when I pass by.


A Raindrop
by Bhavneet - 5A

A snowflake-
I am a snowflake
Falling from the sky
Made by water
I don't lie.


A Fun Day!
by Chandini Palem

Lucy wanted to play,
Then she went to play with clay.
Her best friends came over,
One them was Clover.


by Spoorthi C.

1. A Glowing Moon

   Such a glowing moon,
   Up there with the twinkling stars
   It’s a silent night.

2. The Green Forest:

   Monkeys jump around
   Really really green and lush
   Like a rain forest.

No Day One Night
by Shivansh 2B

It is very dark,
It is almost like night,
If there is no sun,
How can I eat my bun?
The solar panel will get a shock because it doesn't work with moon rock,
If the swimming pool is very cool,
How can I go to my swimming pool?

Suaver: The Heavenly Cat
by Rishita - 7A

Suaver is a heavenly cat ; she lives by the stream,
Leading a tranquil life, and assisting others is her dream,
Blessed with paranormal powers, she has nothing to fear,
Can sense danger, far or near!


by Vedant - 2B

On sunday there was no sun.
Dilly felt sad.
Everyone thought they had to go to sleep.
On the same day, she noticed it was the clouds.
She jumped on the clouds and saw the sun.
They got a cloud vacuum and it sucked all the clouds.
Then the sun woke up everyone.


by Vikram Mukherjee - 2B

If there was no sun we would not have as much fun.
If there was no light me and my brother won’t be able to fight.
I would not be writing this if there was no light
and some how it just won’t feel right.

Tabby: The Cat in Crime
by Valli -7A

Tabby’s a cat in crime: he’s known as the Shadow Claw,
You never know where he might put his paw,
He always manages to escape just in time,
He’s the creator of the city’s crime.


The Glowing Moon
by Tarun 3B

Moon is very white.
The moon reflects in the sea.
The moon always glows.

The Sun
by Kashvi - 2C

The sun is so shiny,
The sun is so bright.
I can’t imagine my life with no light.
What would be a day without the sun?
A day without the sun means it hasn’t begun.