by Kashvi - 3B

When I close my eyes,
I see butterflies,
Fluttering by.

Butterflies sleeping,
Butterflies weeping,
Butterflies singing,
Butterflies winking,
And even butterflies thinking!

Now there’s a butterfly at brunch
But now she’s a spider’s lunch!


The Ferry
by Spurthi - 2B

I boarded a ferry,

And ate a cherry.

When I had pain,

I saw a paper plane.

I played with a doll,

and then with a ball.

The sun came down,

And I started to frown.

Then I wept,

and finally I slept.


Cricket Attax Rules!
by Rishab 3B

Cricket Attax are my favorite cards,

Their might is more than that of guards.

Neither Match Attax nor Slam Attax,

Can compare to the glory of Cricket Attax.

They have no plot,

But I like them alot.


I Like Having Fun!
by Bhavika - 2A

I have so much fun,
But I don’t have a bun.

My friend is very funny,
But I love my bunny.

I have a gun,
But my friend has the sun.

I like having fun,
But I don’t have a ton.


Is the Earth Safe?
by Meesha - 3A

I wonder if the Earth is safe,
Or maybe it’s a junk place.
We cut the trees,
We pollute the rivers,
We waste electricity,
We waste water,
We waste paper,
We waste energy.
Everything’s just wasting, and wasting,
No savings.
And then we ask “Is the Earth safe?”
Be aware and stay awake
For Mother Earth’s sake.
If we only save, and save, and save,
We can say
And then our Mother Earth will feel gay.


Money of Different Currencies
by Kashvi - 3B

Rupee of India,
Dollar of America,
Yen of Japan,
The properties of rich a man.
Euro of Europe,
Gives us high hope.
Real of Brazil,
Helps us pay the bill!
Rupiah from Indonesia,
The Ringgit from Malaysia,
Rouble for Russia,
All are from Asia!


by Simir - 3B

Money is very important,
Money is better than honey.
Boys like to buy toys,
Girls like to buy pearls.
You can do this with money,
But you can’t do it with honey.


A Poem About Nature
by Ankitha - 3A

The water flowing,
From the beautiful mountains,
On a sunny day.


My Friend
by Rithanya - 2A

My friend is funny,
But I like a bunny.
I have so much fun,
But I don’t like a bun.
Ted sleeps on his new bed.