The First Detection of Gravitational Waves

Hi, I am Kritman reading in grade 7B. I love to explore scientific concepts.

On Feb 11th 2016, scientists announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves. This was detected by LIGO (Large Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory) on September 14, 2015, when 2 black holes, 29 and 36 times the size of the sun respectively, collided with each other.


Survival of the fittest

Hi, I am Nikhil of grade 9. I love to read Agatha Christie mysteries. I enjoy sciences too.

“Survival of the fittest” is a phrase that was first used by the biologist and philosopher Herbert Spencer, and is said to have originated from the evolutionary theory that Charles Darwin has proposed. It was used in reference to the natural selection, a mechanism through which beings capable of reproducing choose their mates, unlike artificial selection- which involves the process of selective breeding.


Our Amazing Sharks

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I am Rayan from Manthan, Madhapur Campus. I am in 3B. I like to read books and when I become older, I want to become a scientist and I want to study in ISRO. I like to paint, collect rocks, and research on the computer about various topics.

Sharks are one of the largest sea creatures in the entire ocean. Sharks could be very large or really small.

Sharks come in different sizes. They can be huge like the Great White shark, the largest shark, or very small like the Glow shark, which is about the size of your hand.


An Apple's Journey
by Arnim Kucchal - Grade 3B Madhapur

Hi! I am an apple. Right now, a little girl is picking me up and putting me in her mouth and all her teeth are munching me and I am getting mashed into tiny bits. Now I am traveling through the esophagus. Whew! What a long journey! Let's move on now. I’m in the stomach. I am getting churned with all the gastric juices. Now I am going through a small tube. Now what is that called again? Oh yes, the small intestine. More juices from the liver and pancreas in here. I can feel all the nutrients are getting absorbed from me. Oh god, this journey is even longer! Moving on to the next part, I am in the large intestine. All the water is getting absorbed from me. Now I am in the rectum. I guess I am going to be here for a while. Soon I 'll be going out of the anus in the form of a semi-solid waste.

All about sharks

About the Author
My name is Arnim from Manthan, Madhapur campus. I am from 3B and like to play cricket and read books. My favorite author is Jeff Kinney. When I grow up, I want to become a scientist

Sharks are considered carnivores and rarely attack humans but are fascinating fish. Sharks have appeared 400 million years ago.

Types of Sharks

Sharks come in many different sizes, few are big, and few are small. A few sharks’ bellies even glow! Megalodons, which are now extinct, had teeth which were the size of the human head. On the other hand, whales sharks have teeth the size of a baby’s eye!