sparsh edition Feb 2017

The Magical present

by Raaghav ID (Madhapur)

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Lisa. She lived with her mother and father. Most of the time she used to spend with her dad. Her mother was not as close as other mothers were with their child.

On the day of her birthday, Lisa jumped out of her bed .With excitement; she put on her slippers and ran downstairs. At first she picked up her first present which was from Aunt Daisy , but unlike what she had thought , it was not a rainbow hamster. It was a smelly mouse!


The Little Red Hen

-Vijaya (IB)

Once upon a time , there lived a little red hen. The little red hen had three friends. They were a duck , a cat and a little mouse.
One day, the little red hen thought of making bread. First, the little red hen grew a plant. Every day, the little red hen used to water the plant.

One day wheat came out from the plant . The little red hen was happy. Then, the little red hen went to ask her friends if they could help. First the little red hen asked the duck if she could help. The duck said, “No, I won’t. “Then, the little red hen asked the cat if he could help. But even the cat refused. Then, at last the


The hungry caterpillar

By Akshita Hegde - 1 D ( Madhapur)

Once upon a time there was an egg. One fine sunny morning a hungry caterpillar came out of the egg . He did not know where his home was.
He ate one apple, two pears, bananas, strawberries but he was still hungry. So he ate a pastry cake, cupcake, cheese, sausages, chocolate, hot dogs, burger, Frenchfries, jelly,corn, guava and many more.


The farm animals

by Riya 1B (Madhapur)

Once upon a time , there was a farmer named Rapunzel. She was a very good farmer. Then one day a fox came in the farm and all the animals were scared and they ran away. Rapunzel screamed and asked all of them to come back. But they all ran away.


The Mystery Egg

Author: Mahika
Class: 2A
School: Manthan International School

One sunny afternoon, a girl named Priya was eating her lunch. Suddenly, the bell rang. When Priya looked around, there was a green egg. Then Priya thought to herself, “What could be inside it?” She walked to her parents and showed the egg to them. Then Priya called her friend Diya. Diya came to her house and asked


The Mental Stonecutter

Author Details: Vaidehi, Class 1C, Manthan School

One scary night, Shopa, the stonecutter saw his rough hands and felt very sad. He was poor. He didn’t have much money.

While he was cutting a stone, he saw a Flying Jatt. He liked it and said “ Oh, I wish I could be a Flying Jatt.” Then, the Spooky Wind said, “Your wish is granted. A Flying Jatt you will be, a Flying Jatt!” Then, the stonecutter said, “I think Sultan is more powerful than the Flying Jatt.” The Spooky Wind said, “Your wish is