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Winnie's Play Date
by- Raaghav  Madukuri - Grade 1D (Madhapur)

Once there was a baby squirrel Winnie who lived with his Mom and Dad. One day he was super excited to have his squirrel friend over for a play date. So, he went to the market and used some acorn money for the bananas and corn for his squirrel friends. The shopping trip was so good that the baby squirrel some banana shake on him. The play date was good because they played and they had pillow fights with each other. At the end they all had to go home.

The Cute Little Squirrel
by Abhimanyu Bhat - Grade IA

Once upon a time, there was a cute little squirrel. He lived on a tree top colony with his mom and dad. One day, he wanted to invite his squirrel friends, Daisy and Tom for a playdate.

He went with his mom and dad to a supermarket and they bought chocolates and cherries. Next, they all bought ice cream. Tom, the squirrel said, “Let’s go back home and play there.”


Sam and her Friends
By- Snigdha - Grade 1B (Madhapur)

Once upon a time there was a Squirrel named Sam, who lived with his Mom and Dad in a tree  top colony.  One day baby squirrel was 5very excited to call his friends for a play date. She bought fruits and nuts and called her friends.
Her friends came and played lots of games. They did colouring and drew some pictures. At night they has some drinks.

New Place

Author's Note: Hello! My name is Sanjith  and I am from grade 3A. I am writing a story and here is my story starter. Fatima, is taking a space journey. I want you to imagine her adventure as she stepped onto the rocket. Did she reach the space and explore the amazing world there ?Was she afraid?...Whatsoever, 'all's well that ends well' she admitted it was memorable.

    “Where am I?” panicked Fatima, gaping at the unfamiliar room filled with teeny-tiny furniture.


Mr. Moon…

Author's Note: Hello, My name is Radhika and I read in Grade 3A. This is my story starter. As you know Mr. Moon is sick I am trying to 4make him laugh, I want you to imagine what I might have said to have him laugh. Wasis a joke or a tongue twister or maybe something better. Have Fun!

“Where am I?” panicked Fatima, gaping at the unfamiliar room, filled with teeny-tiny furniture. “I can’t believe I am going to meet Mr. Moon!”


The Tree and The Dragon

Author's Note:  Hi! I am Prerana of 3A. I love reading and colouring. This is my story starter. I know you want to know what happens next, but I leave it to you to imagine what happened on the unusual playground. Have Fun!

“Everybody, take cover!” barked the tree in the corner of the playground. The tree had a friend who was a dragon. The Tree had the power of reading