Divisibility Rules
by Auric 5A

I want to share the divisibility rule of 7 .

Divisibility Rule by ‘7’:

Double the last digits of the given number and subtract this from the number. If it is ‘0’ or divisible by 7, then the given number is divisible by 7. Continue the rule till you reach a small number where you can decide if the number is divisible.
Last digit is 3
Double of 3=6
34-6=28 and 28 is divisible by 7
Hence 343 is divisible by 7.

Isn’t it easy?

Math Tips and Tricks

11 times any two digit number
If you were to multiply, say 11x32, add the digits of 32 (so 3+2=5) and put the sum between 32 so it would become 352.
If by any chance you get 2 digits in the sum there will be a change like 11x79 (so 7+9=16), add the 1 from 16 to the 7 leave 6 in the middle and 9 in the end 869 so you would get.


Fun with Maths
by Ishrath

1. Estimate the answer before you start the problem –then you will know if you are wrong or right very easily
2. Make a picture of the problem it will make it easier-For example –if you had to find the perimeter of a rectangle ,then draw a rectangle and write the values then all you have to do is the formula your following
3. Always use the BODMAS when there is more than one operation
4. Do your homework-it practice and a type of revision of what you learned
5. Think about the problem before doing it – you might get confused!!!
6. Always check if you copied down the problem right
7. Write down the problem NEATLY step by step- you might write a number that should be 4 but looks like 7
8. Practice –math is not a subject you should memorize , you have to work out problems
9. Do some rough work –just to make sure your right with your answers
10.Check –check what you solved , always finish your test 15 or more minutes early, but never rush your paper!!!