Multiplications Tricks

by Sujatha - Maths Teacher

Multiplying any number by 1) 9, 2) 99, 3)999 and soon ……………….
If you multiply any number  by single number 9 then add one zero after the unit digit, if multiplying by 99 then add two zeros after the unit  digit  and soon then  subtract the given number from the number which we add zeros at the end.


Maths Tip
by Vineel Repaka - 7

To find the endpoint of a diameter of a circle we have to use a really long formula, but one that I find very easy is the following:
(2,3) as the endpoint
(5,6)as the midpoint
So we need to find the other endpoint to do that:
1. Find the difference between the midpoint and endpoint(5,6)-(2,3)=(3,3)
2. Now add the difference to the midpoint (5,6)+(3,3)=(8,9)
That's it