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I’m Soumya Marri from grade 9A.I like trying new dishes, vintage thigs, exploring new genres of music, and I enjoy dancing too!

One of the most important concepts in Mathematics, Trigonometry, derives its name from the Greek word “trigonon” and “metron” meaning triangle and measure respectively. It is the branch which deals with the sides and angles in a triangle and their relations. The field emerged in the late 3rd century B.C, its concepts being applied in astronomy and geometry.


Mind-blowing! 1+2+3+4…= -1/12

The title must have left you bewildered! One might say that this is not possible and not at all practical. Why would the sum of all the positive numbers be equal to negative 1/12? This article will explain this to you.

To start,
Let a constant C , be equal to 1+2+3+4…

Now, subtract the second equation from the first but here, shift the numbers in the second equation one place left (which is allowed!)


Math Riddle
Author Details: Saathvik Konidena 7A

Two elevators, Elevator A and Elevator B are in the fourth and tenth floors respectively. If elevator A is moving up and Elevator B is moving down at the same speed, at which floor will they meet?

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Answer to riddle: The 7th floor.
You can derive this answer by finding the average of the two floors which is 7.

Calendars: Mystery Cracked

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My name is Pranav Jatin. I am from 7A. My hobbies are reading books and playing cricket.

Did you know that calendars were first invented by the Egyptians and that Maths was related to this discovery?

Around 5000 years ago, the Egyptians noticed that every year the River Nile rose at a particular time. This time marked the sowing season for them. They also


Are the odds really even?

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My name is Suhas(9A) and, as you must have seen above, i am a student of grade nine. I greatly enjoy playing basketball, eating exotic foods, and spending time with friends and family.

From the vast expanses of a cricket stadium to our everyday lives, flipping a coin has remained as a trusty way of deciding between two options and as the result is completely random. But are the chances truly equal?