A man happened to pass a tiger and couldn’t resist the urge to talk to it….
by Yutika Kolli 9B

MAN: Now tell me who is smarter, you or I.

TIGER: (disappointed): You.


MAN: Strength is not always the key to open our doors but when a person is smart, his reality is more powerful.

TIGER: Fine.’

MAN: You might be strong enough to open this cage but are you smart enough to answer my riddle.

TIGER: Yes, yes I am.

MAN: Fine then, let’s see if you can answer this. There are 12 fish and 12 liters of water. One of the fish died and the water increased to13 liters. How is it possible?

TIGER: Very easy, it is because of the reduction in mass.


TIGER: The man might have poured water :) !!!!

MAN: :(

One Step To Heaven Extract
by Marcus-8A

Matt and Luke heard a deafening sound like a dying parrot in a cheese grater. Matt who had dozed off was torn out of his slumber. He lept to his feet and sprinted out of the room and into the room where Billy (their best friend’s annoying sibling) was. The second Matt saw what Billy had done his heart sank

to his toes. Billy had ripped Matt’s Grand Piano to shreds and Billy was prancing amidst the pieces singing ‘Ba Ba Black sheep’.

Matt whimpered, he had paid for the piano with everything in his wallet and ended up selling his wallet too. Matt angered, took Billy by the collar and shook him like a rag doll and finally flung Billy in a room free of expensive items.