Why was the nose sad?
Because he didn’t get picked

Which runs faster, hot or cold?
Hot because everyone can catch a cold!

Why was six afraid of seven?
Because seven eight(ate) nine!

How do you make oil boil?
Add a “B”!

What bird doesn’t go to the barber?
The Bald Eagle

What did the pony with a sore throat say?
Sorry I’m a little hoarse!

What did the bee say to the flower?
Hi honey!

Jokes around Manthan

Joke One

Teacher: “Guhan are you with us?”
Guhan: (Sleeping) “Hmm…”
Class: “Guhan!!!”
Guhan: “Good morning sir!”

Joke Two

Teacher: “Can you please give examples for variables”
Student (Raises His Hand)
Teacher: “Yes”
Student: “Can I use the restroom?”

Annual Day

Student (Making a presentation on stage, makes a mistake
and returns saying)…: “Improvise! Improvise! “
Teacher (Confused, looks around and says)…: “Who’s

Joke One

Teacher: “In the past we used to have runners to give messages to other people.”
Vineel: “Sir there were cars before, right?”(Teacher is talking with another student)
Shreyas: “Vineel we aren’t talking about 200 years ago we are talking about way before that
Teacher: “Yes in my childhood days we did have cars but not where I lived”
Vineel: (Sarcastically) “Yes Shreyas, sir is 200 years old…”
Class cracks up