Trump: The American Shadow

By: Marcus Fernandez 10A

The 2016 November presidential elections will be a historic day for the United States of America, a day that could change the thriving country forever, but will it be for the better? The candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are arguably the two worst candidates for office, however despite the countless flaws with Hillary, Trump emerges as the greater of the two evils, and in my opinion will cause the eventual downfall of America, but why is Trump the worse choice?

To begin with, Donald Trump has very little political experience and has come this far purely with his wealth as a real estate agent developer and a TV reality star, hardly enough to make someone worthy of controlling a nation.

In addition, Donald Trump’s methods are both brash and illogical, minimal thought has been put behind his ideas. In the words of current President Barack Obama, “Trump plans to lead America through fear.” Trump’s speeches condemn minorities and threaten the innocent. Regarding immigrants from Mexico, Donald Trump had this to say, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best… they’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime.” This has been statistically been proven incorrect as in terms of crime rates Mexicans are the third lowest rates. Mexican immigrants if provided for, will benefit the American economy.

Some argue that Trump’s plans although forceful and extreme, will get the job done. He plans to target ISIS, crime within the country; furthermore he plans to boost the economy. His goals are quintessential. However, his methods strike fear in hearts, for example the center of his many campaigns has been to build a wall along the country to keep Mexican immigrants out. Apart from being ridiculously extreme his plan is also a frightening idea for the citizens of Mexico. This wall will create a divide that will lead to culture clashes, racism and destruction of a solid relationship between the two nations.

In conclusion, Donald Trump spells disaster for the 3.2 million Americans that could fall under the shadow of his reign, in fact the world as a whole could face possible catastrophe. The coming apocalypse has a new name, it’s Donald Trump.

Marcus is a student of 10A, he enjoys reading, watching films and listening to music.