Noise Pollution
by Jahnavi 7A

Dear Readers,

I am writing this letter to draw the kind attention towards the increase of noise pollution in the recent event “diwali” which took place in our apartment. This is pollution can cause annoyance, stress and in extreme circumstances, hearing problems and sleep deprivation. It is also harmful in causing physical and mental health of the people. Further, increasing of noise pollution can become a lethal and dreadful threat to ours and as well as to others health.

This Diwali lets pledge not the burst hazardous crackers as it creates slather air pollution as well as noise pollution.

I would like to suggest some ways so that we can, at least diminish some amount of “noise pollution”.

1. S-T-O-P fireworks and stick to safety lamps.
2. Keep an effective poster in the apartment of how harmful bursting crackers can be.
3. Also, educate people that what problems can “noise pollution” cause in one’s life.

It would truly be appreciated if united efforts are made to create a pollution free world.

Looking forward to a pollution free environment