This Review Is Not Good For You…

Name of Series: Secret Series
Author: Pseudonymous Bosch
Ratings: 5 stars!
Ages: 10 and above

Recently, I’ve read an awesome series-the Secret Series (Oh, and by the way, this review isn't actually not good for you...I think).

The story is about a girl called Cassandra, whose nickname is Cass. Cass lives in _______ town, in _______ Street and goes to _______ School. (Fill in the blanks yourself- nothing is revealed in the book, and Cass isn't even her real name. Ditto for everyone else in the series- that's why it's called the Secret Series.)

Anyway- Cass is a survivalist and has no friends at all- what she does have is her mom Mel, her trusty backpack, and her very pointy this review is not good for youears- that is, until she meets Max-Ernest, an extremely talkative boy. Together, they investigate a mysterious box that appears at her granddads' house. The box is called the Symphony of Smells and is filled with vials which contain smells in them. This one box leads them to a series of adventures with a boy called Benjamin Blake, and lands up with them finding out about a secret society, the Terces Society, which protects the Secret...

On the way, an odd Barbie look-alike and an old-yet-young man try to steal the Symphony of Smells, and Benjamin Blake. The first book ends with...a secret....

From then on, Cass and Max-Ernest get involved in mysterious quests for the Terces Society and get to know all sorts of dark things normal children should not know. (Then again, since when have the two friends ever been normal?)

Then, what happens is... another secret! Okay, maybe not, but I'm telling you to read the book if you want to know more.
As you probably guessed, 'Pseudonymous Bosch' is a pseudonym for the real author and nothing is revealed about him/her, except for that he/she is probably a member of the Terces Society and is a very bad secret-keeper.

The series consists of 'The Name of This Book is Secret,' 'If You're Reading This It's Too Late,' 'This Book is Not Good For You,' 'This Isn't What It Looks Like' and the latest book 'You Have to Stop This.'

You'll love the series!

Shreya Challa, 6B