Our Environment
by Rishita 7A

We can all distinguish the disastrous effects that have had impact on our, once evergreen planet. I take this opportunity to bring to you, various suggestions on how we can save the planet. Magazine Articles are a frequent mode of communication, which is why, through this way; I am giving my contribution to preserve our environment. Please consider the following.

our environment

We should introduce campaigns, wherein people will gain awareness about the importance of the planet and tips on saving it. Not only will this spread the word, but will also promote to a greener environment, which is good news!!

Subsequently, we should teach everyone (mostly kids) to save electricity and precious water, walk shorter distances, save trees etc. This can be done through involving in fun activities too! The kids would encourage their teachers and friends to follow the same, bearing and affirmative impact on our planet.

In addition, we can also share stories with each other that have morals in relation to the environment. With such, everyone can be familiarized with the devastating truth of our planet and the shocking way it is being treated. This approach would have great outcomes.

We should read, and encourage others to read articles that annotate the causes behind recent natural disasters and those that include what humans have done to aggravate this. Read articles that state how global warming harms our environment and the wildlife that dwells in it. By doing so, we can earn firm responses, that will benefy us all.

By giving speeches, and questioning the public, we can alert them and allow them to recognize their mistakes. This way they will have a conspicuous understanding and will work towards amending their faults.

To recapitulate ideas, please put full efforts towards making our planet, a much preferable place to live for all beings. Please bring these ideas into application. It can transform the planet from a wilting flower, to a bunch of blooming flowers.

by Rishita 7A