Extra-curricular Activities

by Guhan - 7

Extra-curricular activities are an important part of our everyday life. Extra-curricular activities have many positive effects on children. They help get better grades, and improve our social life, as well as self-concept. They help develop important characteristics like leadership and teamwork. However, too many extra-curricular activities as well as the variety of them may be stressful and counterproductive. The appropriate amount and variety of extracurricular activities are important to children and help us in many ways.


Sparsh Authors

Some of the young minds that contributed to Sparsh April 2013 are:

. Grade 2 - Meesha, Rithanya, Sarayu, Nilay, Sonal,
Spurthi, Nitya, Marcela
. Grade 3 - Ankitha, Isha, Kashvi, Aniruddha, Sindhu,
Rishabh, Simir, Somansh, Rishi, Shrinath,
Harshil, Yogitha
. Grade 4 - Vevila, Shravya, Sameera, Shreya Challa,
. Grade 5 - Anusrihita, Suhas, Lahari, Sohaib, Aryika,
Soha, Pranathi, Vibhu
. Grade 6 - Nikhil Yarram, Marcus, Akshaj and Rishita
. Grade 7 - Arushi, Guhan, Shreyas

Some of the teachers who contributed are:.

. Sujatha, Regina Ross, Farzana

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In Spotlight our children interviewers interview various people at Manthan to understand what motivates them.


Young Authors

Showcases some of our young writers and their writing. At Manthan creative writing starts very early, while the first couple of years of Kindergarten is more to do with developing language skills of listening and speaking, from grade 1 the focus shifts to reading and writing. Children are encouraged to write at every point and they are given not just inspiration but various devices to structure and articulate their thoughts.


Maths Tricky Tricks

Maths Tip
by Vineel Repaka - Grade 7

To find the endpoint of a diameter of a circle we have to use a really long formula, but one that I find very easy is the following:
(2,3) as the endpoint
(5,6)as the midpoint


Poetic Minds

The poems published here are collected from regular class room assessments of the children done during the year. Its tough to do justice to all and pick the best from thousands of such works, the effort was more to present a sample of children's works rather than select the best. It still gives a glimpse into our young poets and how they use words to express their feelings, emotions and ideas.


Laugh Aloud

Doctor : “I have some bad and some very bad news.”
Patient : “Bad news first.”
Doctor : “You have 24 hours to live.”
Patient : “24 hours! What’s the very bad news?”
Doctor : “I’ve been trying to reach you since yesterday!”

Inspiration Corner

Our Head of the Institution, Ramakrishna Reddy shares the literary pieces that have inspired him over the years and that are of immense relevance to parents today.