sparsh edition Feb 2017

Perfecting My Tan Line

About The Author: Shoaib is a 9th Grader who is enthusiastic, creative and dedicated to his work. He enjoys playing outdoors and listening to music (not together!) in his leisure time. He loves trying out new things, and has given a go at cooking and baking.

Nah, I didn't spare time for that. Anyway, this article is going to be about my experience in Goa (particularly, the north):


Field trip to Salar Jung Museum

Author description:By Tharun 3A , he likes traveling and reading.

The students of grade 3 Manthan School, visited Salar Jung Museum. We witnessed many old and ancient artifacts from the time of the Salar Jungs. The Salar Jungs were Nizam prime ministers and the museum was opened by Salar Jung I.



The inviting little town of Coorg, situated in the Eastern part of Karnataka, seemed just the right decision as I exited the highway leading to it.

I soon reached my hotel, Mahindra. The hotel itself was a labyrinth of dizzying pathways and destinations, all of which you would definitely want to visit. Though it had everything that you could do for a holiday, it was terribly relaxing.