Similarities and Difference between Paleolothic Man and Today’s People
by Saanya 6A

The biggest difference is the language barrier because the vocabulary was not so advanced but now it is vast, advanced with new words, new accents and new concepts.

The diet consisted of raw food but we now eat cooked, hot food. In the Paleolithic age the cavemen hunted their own preys but we do not, we get it ready made from the super market. The men then were really strong and healthy, but we are lighter compared to them.

In the present century we can travel anywhere in no time due to the scientific advancements, where as in that age it took days to travel from one place to another.

Though science has developed there are some things that still remain the same. We are omnivores and even then they were omnivores. We all live with our respective families in a group; even in Paleolithic age they lived together. We are always ready before hand for the climate changes and the cavemen then were also aware of it and were conscious about the weather change and hid in caves to protect themselves.

Similarities and Difference between Cavemen and Us
by Shriya 6B

Our life is different from caveman’s life because, we have technology. These days, we have lights, fans, A/C ,refrigerators etc. But in those days, cavemen did not have any of those things. If we want to get vegetables, we just have to go to the grocery store. And cavemen had to go out and hunt or gather them. Cavemen used to travel by foot. But we have vehicles such as: cars, scooters, bikes, cycles etc. All of these ways of transport are much faster than traveling by foot.

The things that the caveman and the present mankind have in common is our needs and wants. We both need food, shelter, and some kind of clothing to protect us from the cold or anything else. We also want more. We both want to make work easier. We both were/are looking for ways to better our lives.