I see a brown and furry
Caterpillar in a hurry
Do you know what they know?
Nothing much but how to grow.
Do you know what they do?


How a pot is made

First, we get soil from the pond and then we mix it with water to take out the gravel and stones.
Next, we dry the soil in sunlight and then knead it to make it smooth.
Later, we put it on the pottery wheel and you make the pot with water and hands.


Underwater party by Yellow Bee

Yellow Bee thought she will get a boat where the animals can travel easily. Yellow Bee has a lot of friends so she thought they will enjoy the party so she got a chocolate cake  and all the animals enjoy the party, and the Yellow Bee was very happy that all the animals enjoyed the party.

Author Details
By Dhruti Mudigonda, 1B (Tellapur)

Bee’s Birthday Party

The yellow bee wanted to celebrate her birthday party and he invited his friends. The yellow bee thought of taking a boat to call his friends and the friends came the air animals put the boat down and the yellow bee put the table in the water and the yellow bee put the food on the table and they celebrate the birthday party.

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by:Tanvika Pasupulati, 1B
Tellapur Campus


The butterfly is a very beautiful insect. It has very colorful wings. It is a very beautiful flying insect. The butterfly life cycle has 4 stages.

Stage 1: Eggs
First, a female butterfly lays eggs. The female butterfly lays eggs on a leaf. The eggs are really small and round.

Stage 2: Caterpillar
Soon, the egg hatches and a caterpillar comes out. The caterpillar will be hungry when it comes out of the egg. Soon, it starts to eat leaves. The caterpillar will grow fast because it eats so much that it makes it bigger and bigger.

Stage 3: Pupa
The caterpillar climbs a tree and makes a pupa. The pupa is mostly brown and green in color and it is very colorful when it opens.

Stage 4: Butterfly
After 4 or 5 months, the pupa breaks out and a butterfly comes out. The butterfly is wet when it comes out.
The butterfly is very important for us. And the cycle starts all over again.

Author details
Muskan Kose 2A Madhapur
Muskan enjoys craft and drawing. Her favorite activity is dance.