A Peek Into The ‘Cradle Of Civilisation’

The earliest cities appeared in Mesopotamia in the second half of the 4th millennium BC. The broad plain through which the Tigris and Euphrates flow gave birth to the world’s first cities. Irrigation systems made it possible to support population and administrative structures and complex social structures.


Case Study

What are the causes for farmer suicide in the Vidharbha region?
Due to the changes in government policies, the government has allowed multinational companies like Monsanto, which promise high productivity from their hybrid seeds. Farmers used Monsanto seeds, but could not get the yield, due to shortage of water.


Case Study Of Farmer Suicides In The Vidarbha Region

Causes of the Farmer Suicides

Environmental Problems such as improper terrain and climatic changes where the amount of rainfall may decreases and result in droughts which may lead to a loss to farmers as many farmers depend on rainfall for water over irrigation.


Case Study On The Farmer Suicides In India

A common problem faced in agriculture all over India is farmer suicides. The tally of farmer suicides in India has spiked since 1995. The reason these numbers continue to grow is because of the complete negligence by the government.


Comparison of Agricultural Practices & Growth With respect to Economic Systems

(Note: Students were given 3 stories to analyse the agricultural practices and growth with respect to 3 economic system – Communist, Capitalist and Mixed.)

      In Story 1, the farmer (Munna Lal) is in a mixed economy. This is implied as in the document, it mentions a few times that Munna Lal takes loans frequently from the government to support his fields. This farmer practices mixed farming, because he grows two varieties of crops and rears livestock. In Story 2, the farmer (Joe Horan) is in a capitalist economy. He practices commercial farming as he cultivates on 300 hectares of land, a lot compared to Munna Lal’s 1.5 hectares. Joe Horan’s farming is highly mechanized, therefore makes more


Peek-a-CHOO!! …

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The Discovery of the Atom

Today, we imagine the atom as circles with tiny particles either in or orbiting it. However, this picture was not always the same.

John Dalton was the first one to propose that “all matter consists of tiny, indivisible particles.”


How to make a pot

First, we go to the pond and we get the perfect type of clay.
After that, we take a pottery wheel and keep it aside.
We then strain the clay soil in the water so that all the hard materials like rock can be washed away.


Bee’s Birthday Party

The yellow bee wanted to celebrate her birthday party and he invited his friends. The yellow bee thought of taking a boat to call his friends and the friends came the air animals put the boat down and the yellow bee put the table in the water and the yellow bee put the food on the table and they celebrate the birthday party.