The Face against Corruption
by Guhan Iyer - 8A

A prevalent and pressing social issue in India is corruption. One of the most prominent activists against corruption today is Arvind Kejriwal. He was born on August 16, 1968 and grew up in multiple small in towns in Northern India. Kejriwal is determined, hardworker, striving to improve society, and he is a modest man.


Biomes and Forests
by Rishita

A Biome! What exactly is meant by ‘A Biome’? A Biome is a large, geographical region, consisting of distinctive plant and animal groups, created and maintained by the ‘climate’. While trekking in North America or Northern-most Russia, don’t be startled if you bump into the tall, Coniferous Forests that


Taking Care of Ourselves
by Nidhi Nair - 2A

1. Oral Care
    We brush our teeth 2-3 minutes and twice a day.
    O-O-Oral care, we avoid sweets and chocolates and eat more vegetables,
    O-O-Oral care!


Interdependence on the Four Spheres
by Ishrat - 7A

Our Earth has four vital spheres: the Atmosphere, the Hydrosphere, the Lithosphere, and the Biosphere. The Atmosphere is the air around us; the Hydrosphere is all the water and water bodies in the Earth; the Lithosphere is the land we stand on; and the Biosphere is all the living organisms in Earth.

Without these four spheres we won't even be existing, because we are a part of the Biosphere. But did you know that the spheres are interdependent on


by Arvind.C - 7A

Dear Parents,
Iam writing to inform about the human activities causing pollution.As the human population is increasing, more trees are being cut,hence more carbon-dioxide is being released and therefore,the pollution is increasing.


An in depth study of The Atmosphere
by Nikhil - 7A

The 3 ways of heat transfer:

Conduction: Conduction is the transfer of heat from one body to another with direct contact. Relating this to the atmosphere: The heat from the surface of


Passport to the world

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by Gautham Dev - 8A

Tennis is my favorite sport because it requires players to run a lot and it can be played with just one other person.

History and Origin
  Tennis was a game started about 800 years ago when the French crusaders returned from the Middle East. The Europeans played the game indoors in


Wildlife Conservation in India
by Akshaj Tammewar - 7A

India has a wide variety of animal species. Unfortunately,several species are now endangered and are at the verge of extinction.

One major factor that is aiding this is the human encroachment. Human encroachment is when humans utilise natural resources to help satisfy their needs or in other words destroy the environment to help themselves. It has caused extinction of animals and has also endangered many animal species.


North India
by- Aakanksha 4A

North India has diverse culture and heritage. It is the northern part of India.

States: There are seven states in North India
1) Jammu and Kashmir
2) Punjab
3) Haryana
4) Rajasthan