Hello everyone, and welcome to the third edition of Sparsh, our school magazine.

We are so glad that we got such a response from all the grades this time around. Sparsh has succeeded to prove as an outstanding opportunity where each participant gets to exhibit their work and enhance their individual viewpoints and perceptions. We have received more than 50 articles, and the surge of articles hardly stopped, even after the deadline. As editors, yes, this was stressful, but it was amazing to get so many excellent pieces of work!

It has been a pleasure reading and editing all these brilliant articles. We have in store a miscellaneous collection of work including many, many pieces that are not only engaging but are also ethical. Each and every article reflects an assortment of ideas which indulge its readers, right through.

Well, that's enough from us and now it's time for you to enjoy Sparsh. This year we are elated to present to you jokes to enlighten your day, ingenious stories that will leave you stunned, essays and critical viewpoints on a variety of topics, inspiring poems, and more-- all written by students from grades 1 through 8. So now we'll leave it to you to explore our school's creative work!

Happy Reading!
Chief Editors
Rishita 7 & Shreyas 8