The 39 Clues: Maze of Bones
Rick Riordan
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
by Gautham Dev 8A

I heard many people talking about the Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan (one of my favorite authors) and saying it was amazing. I decided to borrow the book from my friend and read it, and then read the rest of the series later.

Dan and Amy Cahill are brother and sister who live with their Aunt Beatrice. Their parents died in a fire which had burned down their house when they were very young. From then onwards Dan and Amy lived with their boring Aunt Beatrice. Their only hope for fun was on the weekends when they went to their grandmother’s house. Grace (their grandmother) always had fun with them and kept them entertained

Then, one day, Grace passes away which had a huge effect on Dan and Amy. At the funeral everybody was given an envelope and whoever had a golden leaf in it was invited into the house. Dan and Amy got a gold leaf because they were Grace’s grandchildren.
Inside the house they realize that they are part of one of the most powerful families in history; the Cahills. They are related to people like Benjamin Franklin, The Wright Brothers, Thomas Jefferson and many more.

Graces lawyer gives them an option of one million dollars or to find 39 clues and become the most powerful people on the planet. Dan and Amy think about the options they have. Live a boring life with their Aunt or go on the adventure of a lifetime and work together against the other teams. Dan and Amy, along with a few more teams of their own family members (who despise them) decide to go on the adventure that will change their life.

This book is packed with comedy as Dan and Amy fight against their their relatives. Some parts of the book make you laugh out loud while some parts make you hold your breath.

Many teenagers (12+) would enjoy this book and I think they would like to read the whole series like I do. This book is a great read and I would like many young readers to pick up this book.

Book: Amelia Bedelia Helps Out
Author: Peggy Parish
by Neha 2B

Main Characters: Amelia, Effie Lou, Mrs. and Mr. Roger and Miss Emma
Setting: Garden, Miss Emma’s house, Mrs. and Mr. Roger’s house

I like the story because Amelia Bedelia does so many things wrong. It is beautiful story at the end. It has nice punctuation and sentences. It is not a fantasy story. In Amelia Bedelia stories, she always does something wrong but it means no harm and in the end she finds that it was correct.