The Secret Garden

Name of the book: The Secret Garden
Author: Frances Hudgson Burnett
Reviewed by: SoundaryaLahari Murari

At first Mary Lennox hated anything and everything and was the most disagreeable-
looking child ever seen. You would agree with this fact if you read the book The Secret Garden.
Mary Lennox had been moved to Misselthwaite Manor, because her father, mother and everyone
else had died of the cholera in India. Not that she cared because her parents didn’t want her and
hated her. This story is about how she and her friends at Misselthwaite Manor - Dickon, Colin,
and Ben Weatherstaff try to save an old, beautiful, secret garden that had been locked up for ten



Name of Book: Horowitz Horror
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Book reviewed by: Marcus Fernandez

The book that I have chosen for this review is the book “Horowitz Horror” written
by Anthony Horowitz the bestselling author who is also well known for his “Alex
Rider” series.

I chose it because of my liking for horror and supernatural stories. I definitely think
that this is an exceptional example of genuine horror.


Robinson Crusoe

By: Daniel Defoe
Reviewed By: Vibhu Iyer

When I read Robinson Crusoe, I imagined myself stranded on an Island, living off of fruits,
vegetables, and water. Though the whole book was really good, what really popped out to me
were the characters and conclusion.


A Tiger for Malgudi

Title: A Tiger for Malgudi
Author: R. K. Narayan
Reviewed by: Shreyas Sarangi

This summer, I was able to read many new books, and A Tiger for Malgudi was one of them. It is an amazing tale about a wild tiger living in Sempi Hills who finds his way to the sleepy town, Malgudi. There he is captured and made to perform in the circus, after which he is made to act in a movie. Though the tiger, named Raja, escapes, he is cornered in a school. Then, he meets an old swami, who tames him and teaches him to follow the spiritual path that he takes. Soon, Raja can think, analyze and do everything a human can do except speak. Eventually, Raja is overtaken by old age and stays in a zoo for the rest of his life.