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Primary School HyderabadManthan strictly follows Cambridge Primary Programme in grades 1 to 5 which is typically for ages between 5 and 11 years. While setting the curriculum objectives for each class and each subject care is taken to see that what is expected by CBSE/NCERT is covered at the minimum so that children moving out on transfers don't have a problem. However in most of the areas of learning Cambridge learning objectives are at a very high level.

The primary years study culminates with Primary Checkpoint an externally conducted exam from Cambridge which test learning levels of children in Maths, Science and English. This is taken by all children in the school and tests childrens learning of grades 3 to 5. More details about Cambridge Primary can be studied from Cambridge website and to understand the programme sample curriculum guidelines are given in this link

The primary curriculum ensures that learning of the students is developed through building up on what they have learned earlier. The curriculum is designed to be trans disciplinary, this helps the students to correlate the learning to the real world creating relevance to the learning process in our schools. Focus is also on developing the skill of self-study, which is essential for middle and high school.

In our primary schools the focus is on learning the concepts in core subjects (English, math sciences, art, music and physical education) through activities, projects, and work-sheets.

In Manthan's Primary Schools at Hyderabad, the English curriculum has been divided into four areas.

  1. Listening & comprehension
  2. Speaking & comprehension
  3. Reading & comprehension
  4. Writing & comprehension.

This has been done to create clear objectives of developing language skills in students. It enables the students to have competence and confidence in using language.

In our primary schools the tools that we use to enable this learning are guided reading program, show & tell, Role play, drama, songs, poetry story-telling, writing of short stories, essays etc. language development is a continuous process happening across all the subject classes. Participation in the classroom discussions is a very important tool for language development and it is highly encouraged in our school.

Math curriculum

In Manthan's Primary Schools Math is taught in a way that is relevant to the children. They are encouraged to apply the concepts taught to real world problems. Math is taught in traditional schools as formulae with no relevance to their application, Manthan intends to change this and teach concepts only after explaining their relevance to solving practical problems. By the end of the primary school, children will be very comfortable in handling problems pertaining to numbers, shapes, measurement and data analysis.


Study of self and human surroundings is covered under social studies in our primary schools. The child becomes aware of the community and nation around him and the various roles (s)he and others play in this setting.

In our schools a lot of emphasis is laid on experimentation to teach science, as science is understanding of the interrelationships that exist in the material world. Children spend a good amount of their time in the lab to test out and build their hypothesis about the world around them. Manthan is dedicated in bringing out the best of your children at this delicate and important primary school level.

Information Technology

Curriculum builds on the familiarity of child to computers and progresses it to teach basic programming and manipulation using the power of the processor. By the end of the primary school years the child learns to use computers to tabulate data, test hypothesis, run basic programs, make documents and presentations, use design software to express his creativity and surf the internet to find material for his project work. At Manthan's Primary Schools in Hyderabad a specialist teacher runs the well-equipped computer lab and guides the children in their technological inquisitiveness.

Physical Education

Curriculum mandates each student to spend a certain amount of time playing sports and doing physical activity. At our primary schools in Hyderabad, various sports are introduced to students where they get to develop different aspects of their physical and mental strengths. Sports are used to develop team spirit and a sense of participation and not just winning. Big play grounds and sports arena in both the schools provide the perfect pitches.

Fine Arts

Art, Music and Drama activities also have been designed with the objective of inculcating the art of expression using different forms. Curriculum has been designed in our primary schools to nurture imagination which is an innate quality present in all children.

Implementing the best teaching methodologies, Manthan aims to be the best school in Hyderabad.