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Middle School HyderabadMiddle school of classes 6 to 8 prepare children for the rigours of the high school, the learning objectives are set as per Cambridge while making sure every thing that is expected as per CBSE is covered at the minimum and methodology is Manthan's innovative blend of best practices from across different boards and curriculums but primarily being Cambridge. Manthan children take Checkpoint an externally conducted exam by Cambridge which tests the knowledge of children gained in grades 6 to 8. This is compulsory for all children in grade 8.

Middle School curriculum has been designed to prepare the children for more rigorous academic requirement for high school. All the subjects are taught by the subject specialist teachers who work with students to develop thorough understanding of the topics introduced in middle school.

More details about Cambridge Secondary 1 for grades 6 to 8 can be had from Cambridge website http://cie.org.uk/programmes-and-qualifications/cambridge-secondary-1/ and to understand secondary1 programme for grades 6-8 sample curriculum in this link http://cie.org.uk/programmes-and-qualifications/cambridge-secondary-1/cambridge-secondary-1/curriculum/

Along with core subject’s students will have an option of choosing second language and specific PE activity. They also can choose between art, music and drama. This helps them to build skills in the activities, which interests them.

English curriculum in middle school is expanded and developed for students to understand different varieties of prose, poetry, drama, and non-fiction texts.

Students are encouraged to read a wide variety of books to expand their horizon. To progress their learning, specific skills such as spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax are taught. At this stage students are required to learn to put their thoughts in written form through proper use of grammar, punctuation etc. Creative writing, making drafts, editing reports, journals and essay writing are part of our comprehensive language development program.

Science curriculum in middle school, a range of scientific topics is introduced to the students. It’s a critical phase of transformation to train the student’s for rigorous academic work. The course has been designed with ample opportunity for practical investigations to understand the concepts. These concepts are linked to everyday life for students to understand the relevance.

Math Curriculum has been developed to train the students in problem solving, logical reasoning and analytical skills. Also to teach in such a way that students should be able to make connections to outside world and other subjects. Lot of students develop aversion to maths for the way it’s been taught traditionally. Through use of models, ICT a positive attitude can be developed towards the subject.

Social studies are taught in order to make children understand their immediate environment, the neighborhood, the distant lands and their people. A clear understanding of the political/social structure of the government and the democratic processes is given through role-play, mock sessions and visits to relevant places. Availability of the inter-active boards in each class room makes each experience much more real and tangible.


Role of ICT in this age of advanced communications and technology can not be undermined. It is inter-woven into all subjects since each subject relies heavily on making itself more understandable through use of technology. In addition to that there are clearly defined learning outcomes for Computers and their applications.

Physical Education

The school would give a choice of a wide array of indoor and outdoor games and activities. Each student would be expected to select one indoor and one outdoor activity.

The challenge for the body and mind is seen as an essential element of growing up in Manthan.

Art, Music and Drama have definite curriculum. Students can choose one of the activities. Along with learning skills through middle school students are given projects to work individually or in groups. For example students opting for music should be able to compose and perform.

As for Art the students would be given assignments to assess and discuss various artists from renaissance to modern. Also come up with art work exhibitions based on a theme. Through out the years students’ work would be displayed and formal exhibitions would be conducted for the community to see.

Drama and theatre participation would develop lot of skills like gesture, facial expression, characterization, concentration, focus, control on body movements, role-play, connecting with audience. These sessions would be conducted by the professionals in the field.