Manthan Philosophy


Name Manthan 

The term ‘manthan’ (derived from manthanam in Sanskrit) means ‘to churn.’ The process of churning is associated most readily with production of butter. Butter is essentially the smooth substance obtained by churning cream. Milk which is rich in various nutrients and has a myriad health benefits associated with it has been accepted in all cultures since time immemorial as one of the most important foods that sustain life. Cream is the fat that milk contains. Butter can therefore be considered to be the cream of the cream or crème de la crème which means the very best or something superlative. The idea of churning or ‘manthan’ – when used in the human context – could well refer to education or the process of churning out the very best (crème de la crème) from amongst human beings – collectively and individually. The word ‘manthan’ gains further value when applied in the sphere of education because it has direct reference to one of the most famous episodes in ancient Indian mythology that in many ways symbolizes man’s endeavour to achieve holistic self-realization and thereby immortality. For more details visit the wiki article on the topic.

As the core objective of Manthan is to make sure that by the end of the schooling years every student is groomed in to a well- rounded personality with the right human values and his/her heart at the right place, performs to the best of his/her abilities in every chosen sphere of activity and can excel in any preferred career, it becomes obvious that given its philosophical basis and educational commitment – no name could have been better suited to this institution. Also, Manthan International School calls itself ‘international’ not because it desires to cash in on the sudden and largely misdirected demand in the contemporary society for the same but because it is committed to offer its students the benefit of an international curriculum authorized by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) while providing, to those that want it, the option of a national curriculum through courses affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Manthan is different from conventional schools as it focuses on a skills-based, student-centered, inquiry-oriented, personalized model of learning as opposed to the traditional content-based, teacher-centred, examination-oriented one-size-fits-all model of teaching.

Manthan Logo 

The logo of Manthan International School depicts a couple of birds flying around the glowing sun. The suggestion, without any doubt, is birds learn to fly, soar high and utilize the light of the sun to acquire a distinctive panoramic view of things, a unique perspective. Manthan desires that all its students learn how to learn and use their abilities to learn creatively to bring in “a light that never was on land and sea” and thereby add special worth to things.

Manthan School Song

For a video of the song pl click here Manthan School Song

 Wings of peace

Seek the truth in every Endeavour
Ride the high wind without fear,
Strive for knowledge forever
Spurred on by conviction clear.

Fly high on the wings of peace
Soar over trouble and sorrow,
Hopes of a brighter world increase
Dreams of a greener tomorrow.  (2 times) 

Aim to achieve, work to succeed
Strength is the need of the hour, 
Perseverance in thought and our deeds
Full faith as we reach for the stars.

Fly high on the wings of peace
Soar over trouble and sorrow,
Hopes of a brighter world increase
Dreams of a greener tomorrow. 

Lyrics by:   Urmila Mahjan
Composed by:  Our Music Teacher Alen Mathew