Helping you keep upManthan has a very well developed calendar that distributes the work done during the year into logical compartments, focusing on studies, assessments, all round development of the child, time for annual events like sports, literary competitions, celebration of all major festivals, medical check ups, fire drills and term breaks.

The procedure of distributing the work to be done through the entire School Year into smaller systematically consistent segments is to ensure a properly structured progression of the curriculum as also an aptly sequenced development of the students.

Pl write to us if you would like to see our current year calendar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Time Table

Manthan has developed a weekly time table that repeats every week. Typically a day has 8 periods and a week 40 periods. Children go to school Monday to Friday, while teachers attend on alternate Saturdays for trainings and staff meetings.

In pre-primary section half the periods are given to activities like Physical Education, Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Library and Role Play and half the periods are dedicated for the focused development of Language, Maths and Science skills. However given that we follow a theme based learning the distinction between activities and studies are not that clear and they seamlessly merge into each other. A child may learn more art and music in his regular class and may learn the concept of size, shape, color in his PE class.

In primary classes about 15 periods are provided for activities like Physical Education, Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Library and 25 periods for Maths, Science, EVS, languages, and computers. Every child at Manthan goes for one period of Physical Education every day as children today don't have avenues for physical exercise and it is an important developmental need.

Daily School Timings

The school starts at 8.30 am with a brief assembly every day and a special assembly every Friday presented by children, followed by breakfast. The school finishes at 3.30 pm for pre-primary children. The school finishes at 3.30 pm for classes Jr.KG and above.

Pl use the below form to write to us for our current time table for a given class.

Academic Year 

The academic year starts in mid June and ends in mid April. Our new academic year starts in June after the summer unlike a few schools that start in March.