EducatorsWe have a team of teachers who have passion for teaching and love the children. They are well qualified and trained in our teaching methodology. Their role is more of a facilitator in helping children learn actively rather than teach passively.

Most important of all our teachers have the confidence to say "I don't know too, but let's figure it out" the day a teacher can come to the level of a child in the class room and start learning along with the child through the child's eyes a teacher is fully oriented to Manthan way of learning. For the teachers who have worked in traditional schools this calls for quite an unlearning as they are trained to have all answers to the limited set of questions that are given in the text books. But once the shackles for asking questions are broken a child can ask any thing and that initially is quite a scary thought but slowly one starts enjoying the process of raising new questions and finding answers for them through a variety of sources and activities.

One of our teacher who went in to teach the life cycle of a butterfly has documented the variety of questions the 3 year olds raised for which she had no answers. The questions include why are their wings so soft, why are they so colorful, how do they protect themselves from bigger animals, where do the color in their wings come from, how do they fly and can we fly if we attach wings to ourselves. 

Knowing how tough their job is a curriculum development team that puts together the lesson plans, assessments, work sheets, activities that are required in the class on a day-to-day basis, supports our teachers. This support is very critical for the activity based learning methodology in which a lot of preparation is required in putting together material for each class. The curriculum team does the preparation and the teachers get free time to plan the activities so that the execution is meticulous. Teacher improvises on the given plans and personalises her execution suiting different learning levels and styles that each class has.

Our educators set their own annual performance targets and do a self appraisal periodically. Supervisors help them in providing the right support where required to make sure they achieve their best. They are also reviewed by the Supervisor and Children. We also collect the feedback of Parents and Peers making it a complete 360 degree appraisal.