CBSE Schools

Manthan is a CBSE and Cambridge School.. It provides the twin advantages of a CBSE syllabus (what is taught) with the Cambridge Board Curriculum (how it is taught: the assessments, the teaching methodology, the lesson plans, the activity based learning, the teachers training programs, etc). 

Classes 1 to 8 use the CBSE syllabus and Cambridge board methodology for teaching.

For classes 9 to 12 a student has option of taking the exams as per the CBSE board or the Cambridge board. The students who wish to pursue engineering or medical streams with in the country by taking competitive exams like IIT JEE or AIEEE go for the CBSE stream. The students who wish to either pursue non engineering or non medical streams or students who wish to pursue their higher studies overseas by taking SATs go for Cambridge board.

Manthan is affiliated with both CIE and CBSE. Students have a choice to choose either of the streams when (s)he is in class 8. Manthan is recognised by CIE to offer from classes 1 to 12 with the recognition number IN841. Manthan is recognised by CBSE with the affiliation number of 130397 and can offer till class 10.


CBSE School HyderabadIn national boards the choice is between CBSE and ICSE. Most of the parents and schools now a days are preferring to go with CBSE as CBSE along with NCERT are bringing out progressive changes to the curricula and evaluation methods and has been generally recognized as a dynamic board. Also most of the Indian competitive exams are based on the CBSE syllabus and hence gives an edge to the students who wish to take these exams.

Manthan School is emerging as one of the notable CBSE schools in Hyderabad. The school caters to the educational demands of the modern society. Manthan is a perfect blend of academics and life. Equally important to academics here is life - guiding principles. Through education, Manthan aims to draw the best in their students and help them attain their goals. 

Manthan schools follow both CBSE and IGCSE streams. High school students can choose from either of these streams and appear for their choice of Boards. CBSE curriculum is the choice of majority of Indian students and NRIs. Because of the vastness and adaptability to different curricula, CBSE has been the preferred choice of curriculum for Indian schools abroad. CBSE curriculum offers the best educational standards required for the modern student community. The syllabus is designed by renowned academicians and educational researchers. 
There are several CBSE schools in Hyderabad, but very few of them meet the quality standards set by India’s premium educational body. Manthan schools strictly adhere to guidelines set by CBSE for classes 9 and 10 in CBSE stream. We have designed the teaching methodology in unison with CBSE format. 
Manthan CBSE schools in Hyderabad are equipped with advanced infrastructure meeting international quality. We own beautifully designed classrooms and auditoriums that make learning more pleasant. The well-equipped computer labs, science labs, libraries, and craft rooms are truly inspiring. The playground and indoor game area add fun to learning. To ensure that our students get the best care and attention when needed, we have set up an infirmary with sufficient number of qualified and experienced staff.
At Manthan CBSE schools, we focus on overall growth of the child. We believe that education is the path to enlightenment. We are committed to guide our student community find the best in their self and help them serve the community better.